EPICC is back 06/16/15

We are excited to announce that EPICC (Entre-Prises Inter Centre Competition) is back for the 2nd annual team competition on Saturday 27th June 2015. READ MORE

Clear Plexi 05/21/15

Clear Plexi is the term we are adopting for the clear, glass like, panels that can be incorporated within the walls of conventional Mozaic or Freeform climbing surfaces or created as unique climbing walls. READ MORE

Deep Water Soloing 05/20/15

Deep Water Soloing is a relatively new climbing concept. The climber is protected from injury not by the careful control of a rope, or the absorbent qualities of matting, but through falling into a deep section of water. This approach to climbing has been popular in coastal areas for many years but the organization of this type of climbing for competitions on artificial walls has only recently emerged. READ MORE