Final Preparations Are Underway for the 2014 IFSC World Championships 08/20/14

All starting September 8th, the biennial IFSC World Championships for Lead, Speed and ParaClimbing will begin in Gijón, Spain. READ MORE

Entre-Prises at the Youth Olympic Games in Nanjing, China, from August 17-27th 07/25/14

Entre-Prises holds and volumes have been selected by the IFSC to equip the climbing walls during the Youth Olympic Games in Nanjing. READ MORE

Top30 prepares for the IFSC World Championship in September by organizing the Spanish Championship at Gijon 07/10/14

Top30 (Entre-Prises subsidiary in Spain) and FEDME organized the Spanish Championship end of June in Gijon. A great and promising warm-up for the IFSC World Championships in September! READ MORE