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30 JUL

Sport Climbing Gets Ready For The World Games 2013

The World Games. With 72 athletes from 22 nations, Sport Climbing is now ready to offer a great show in Cali, Colombia.

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29 JUL

Adam's Swiss trip and 9a onsight Part 2

Back on the ground I started talking to some local who asked me how was the very top, if the route seemed possible. I replied that it was possible of course, as Pirmin already did it...

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22 JUL

Adam's Swiss trip and 9a onsight Part 1

After few weeks of training, I couldn’t believe how strong I felt. I did some of the training laps with ease, some of them I had never managed to climb before. Psyche was high. As a preparation for my Norwegian projects, I decided to partly bouldering in Magic Wood, and partly climbing in the French part of Switzerland, especially Gastlosen and Rawyl, as I have never been there before...

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16 JUL

IFSC Lead World Cup Begins

Allez Briancon: First IFSC Lead World Cup of the season from July 19th - 20th

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15 JUL

Natural Games Attracts Over 20,000 Spectators

Saturday was the climax of the event with more than 25,000 people for dirt bike and climbing finals!

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08 JUL

Sport Climbing Added to World University Championships

At its Executive Committee meeting in Kazan (June 30th - July 1st, 2013), the FISU added sport climbing to their Sports Program at the World University Championships.

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